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Friends of HXVH

Friends of HXVH


We are very proud of our Village Hall and the role it plays in bringing our community together and providing opportunities to get involved in a wide range of activities and meet people that might not otherwise be possible.

But like all community charitable endeavours, the Village Hall is dependant on individuals helping out and playing a part. So please consider becoming a “Friend” on the Village Hall. You can choose how much time you feel able to offer, and there’s no need to join any committees !! We would welcome anyone to join our community and take on small roles such as:

  • Join a ‘meet and greet’ team to brief hirers
  • Running the raffle for the annual fete
  • Overseeing the marketing & producing posters
  • Developing and maintaining our social media
  • Editing and updating the website
  • Running ‘stalls in the hall’ – once a year
  • Making cakes for ‘stalls in the hall’
  • Lighting and sound for events
  • Distributing posters before events to shops etc.
  • Organising music nights
  • Keeping the gardens tidy

The current team will welcome, help and support all newcomers.

If you are interested or want to find out more, please contact Alison Clough on 07768 558341 or email at

Our new hall has been made possible with the help of the following: